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We partner with some of the world’s largest internet, mobile, and cloud properties by providing text messaging solutions to help establish, verify and authenticate online accounts.


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About us

We provide phone verification solutions for companies across a broad range of industries. Phone verification has consistently been cited as an effective, easy, and inexpensive way to fight fraud online. By using phone verification, businesses can be sure that they have a viable way to contact their users should the need arise. Because most fraudsters are unwilling to provide this traceable piece of information, sites generally experience a huge drop in fraud after installing phone verification.

In addition, SMS-based phone verification helps online companies stop spammers from registering accounts in bulk on their site. When users are required to provide a unique phone number and receive an SMS message during site registration, websites can be sure that each user can only create one account per mobile phone they have access to. Because most users own exactly one mobile phone, they are limited to one account registration.

We're helping to change the world by helping companies install SMS-based phone verification on their sites. If you'd like more information about this service, please contact us.

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